Whitefish Animal Hospital

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Whitefish, MT 59937



At Whitefish Animal Hospital, the health of your pet is our highest priority. One of the most important aspects of a long, healthy life is good nutrition. For this reason, our veterinarians recommend feeding Science Diet pet foods from Hill's Pet Nutrition. 

Precisely Balanced Nutrition -
Science Diet pet foods deliver a precise balance of 50 nutrients in every bag. They use only the highest quality ingredients in the right proportions, to ensure more nutrients are absorbed and less waste is produced.

Ongoing Commitment to Helping Pets in Need - At Hill's they "walk the talk" and bring their mission to life as the largest feeding sponsor of over 1,000 shelters that help homeless pets find loving homes. This year alone, their donations of food have helped save over 800,000 pets' lives.

Over 65 Years Experience - Hill's history in clinical nutrition began in 1939 with the vision of founder Dr. Mark Morris, Sr., a veterinarian who wanted to make a positive difference in pets' lives with nutrition. His dream continues to inspire the work of dedicated scientists at Hill's today.

The Right Product for Your Pet's Needs - Hill's offers the most complete range of nutrition products to help keep your pet at its healthy best for every stage and condition of life.

Powerful Antioxidants - All Science Diet dry products contain a powerful, exclusive antioxidant blend to enhance the immune system.

Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat. Guaranteed* - Science Diet pet foods give pets all the natural protein sources and essential vitamins they need for lifelong health inside and out, like omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Excellent Value - Because Science Diet foods are so rich in the nutrients pets need to stay healthy, they can actually eat less than they would with many other pet foods. So Science Diet has a lower cost per day than you might think.

Science Diet Pet Foods Taste Great - Great taste that pets love. Guaranteed*.

Science Diet Pet Foods are 100% Guaranteed* - *100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!